Του χρόνου θα έρθει το “Destiny 2 Codename Frontiers”

Bungie has teased Destiny 2 Codename Frontiers, coming at some point in 2025 during what will be the series’ 11th year.

Teased at the end of a new video detailing what to expect from The Final Shape expansion’s upcoming three episodes was a solitary image, below. It reveals Codename Frontiers, which we know is due out in 2025. Bungie did not say anything else about this mysterious update, but with the codename Frontiers, some fans are already speculating that it may involve taking players to planets beyond the Sol System.

Some had thought Bungie might have teased Destiny 3 based on tweets from one of its developers, but it looks like the wait for that game, should it exist, goes on.

The Final Shape brings to an end the overarching Destiny that began with the first game in 2014, but it is not the end for the series. In Year 10, as Bungie calls it, three episodes will be released, each revolving around…

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